Learn To Code for Kids

Byteknack Offers Interactive Storybook Application To Teach Kids Computational Thinking

We offer computer science, computational thinking, and programming lessons through an engaging storybook based eLearning platform using artificial intelligence to personalize and enhance the education experience.  The curriculum will be customized to how the student naturally learns.  We are creating a virtual sandbox where they can experiment and play with their ideas and creations, make mistakes, get real time feedback, and learn.

To prepare children to thrive in an increasingly digital world, we must teach them logic, algorithmic thinking, and simulation/modeling so children learn how to formulate problems that can be solved by a human or machine as well as coding concepts to implement those solutions.  These are critical 21st century skills and will be just as important as reading, writing and arithmetic.




How will we accomplish this?

We are developing an online creative platform to teach children computer science and programming using artificial intelligence to personalize the learning experiences.

Education should prepare young people for jobs that do not yet exist, using technologies that have not yet been invented, to solve problems of which we are not yet aware
— Richard Riley